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Lisa Friday, 21 September 2012

Romantik room

I open the door and immediately the wood plays on my senses and the grandeur of this Romantik room strikes me favourably.
Romantik room
The layouts and colour schemes are individual to the particular room
This class of room is the largest we have and all of the 40 to 45 square metres has been thought out meticuously – take for example the handmade woolen rugs, the arrangement of cushions (available from our little shop to take home), and even the German style duvets (I still remember the occasion when a guest asked me if it was necessary to get inside!) And then the warm blanket style covers on the balcony – ideal companions when it is cold cold outside but you still want to take in the view of the Sassongher or Passo Campolongo or Col Alt. The Romantik rooms are in different parts of the hotel and the exact dimensions are different one from the other (in some it is possible to add an extra bed or two). The layouts and colour schemes are individual to the particular room and Signora Costa and Stefano have favoured green, blue, yellow and red, and the handpainted ceramic paintings in each room combine wonderfully with the colours chosen. Nothing is left to chance. In room 241 for example there is a romantic style four-poster bed and the room decoration is partly composed of a collection of beer mugs collected by Signor Costa on some of his many trips. And another favourite of mine is number 209 where you will find a small wooden rocking horse as you go in. You can imagine – every time I go in there I go back to my childhood. And 2008? Well, this has become known to us as the writer’s room, the motive being that there is a private collection of typewriters displayed within and a handwritten poem by a local San Vigilio poet adorns one of the walls. A consideration for guests is that the music from the piano bar can be heard until midnight but of course if you too are down having a drink the question never arises! And I almost forgot! There is no minibar in the rooms for the notion does not fit in with the philosophy of La Perla – we preferring to dedicate a 24 hour room service for your comfort and pleasure.

Lisa Campagnolo
Romantik room
Romantik room
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The Tyrolean feel is evident
There are ten Comfort rooms, some facing south and some facing north
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